OGUY x Short Motivation

We think the Luxe Leisure is the ultimate men's short and we're partnered with OGUY to offer you the Luxe Leisure in a Military Green and Navy. Hurry as these are in very limited quantities!

OGUY Luxe Leisure Men's Shorts

Prince & Bond x Short Motivation

Meticulous attention to detail, a steely determination to produce the best men's swim short and a dedication to quality articulates why we partnered with New York-based, Prince & Bond. Introducing "Sunrise" and "Sunset", two limited-edition tailored swim shorts for men

Sunrise & Sunset Swim Shorts

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We're shipping from Dallas, Texas and London, England

Short Motivation is a project by two business partners, Chris and Alex, headquartered out of London, England and Dallas, Texas. Working in a partnership across thousands of miles isn't always easy, but it has one key advantage for store purchasers: we can ship from two locations. Order from the Short Motivation store and, if you are located in the United States or Canada, your order...

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Ethically manufactured in New York

Do you know where your clothes are manufactured? Does it bother you? It should. The issue with modern life is people demand cheaper clothes. Worse, designer clothes at rock bottom pricing. To make this happen, clothing designers have to cut corners, look for the cheapest manufacturing option and often this includes hiring a factory in China, Asia or similar to produce your goods. The employees...

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