Prince & Bond x Short Motivation

Meticulous attention to detail, a steely determination to produce the best men's swim short and a dedication to quality articulates why we partnered with New York-based, Prince & Bond. Introducing "Sunrise" and "Sunset", two limited-edition tailored swim shorts for men

Sunrise & Sunset

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Ethically manufactured in New York

Do you know where your clothes are manufactured? Does it bother you? It should. The issue with modern life is people demand cheaper clothes. Worse, designer clothes at rock bottom pricing. To make this happen, clothing designers have to cut corners, look for the cheapest manufacturing option and often this includes hiring a factory in China, Asia or similar to produce your goods. The employees...

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What is Short Motivation?

Short Motivation is a website designed to get you fit and active, look good in a pair of shorts, introduce destinations where you might want to be seen wearing your shorts and what to do when you get there. This is the store component, where we'll offer you a number of products associated with some of the articles you can read on the website. First up...

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Introducing Prince & Bond x Short Motivation

When Short Motivation launched in March 2017, our mission was always at the forefront: to get people fit, active and ultimately to look good in a pair of shorts. Over the next few months, we'll be aiming to help you with the first two (getting you fitter), but we need help with the second (looking good in a pair of shorts). We have a number...

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