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Introducing Prince & Bond x Short Motivation

When Short Motivation launched in March 2017, our mission was always at the forefront: to get people fit, active and ultimately to look good in a pair of shorts.

Over the next few months, we'll be aiming to help you with the first two (getting you fitter), but we need help with the second (looking good in a pair of shorts).

We have a number of good friends in this industry, but it's difficult to find the perfect pair of men's swimwear. Ideally, men's swim shorts need to keep their tailored shape, so they enhance your form, whilst also enabling you dive into the pool, but moments later be dry enough to head to lunch. You don't want to be changing your shorts through the day when lounging by the pool.

In 2017 we believe we found the ideal partner: Prince & Bond. This New York-based designer of men's swim has compiled the components required for the perfect men's swim short. A 5.5" inseam, makes the short ideal for wearing by the pool as walking around town. Simply put on a linen shirt or polo top and no-one would be aware you're walking around in swim shorts.

Selecting the very best components, with European quick-drying water repellent fabric, these Prince & Bond shorts are waist adjustable, with a zipped rear pocket for safely storing the key to your hotel room.

When we approached Prince & Bond, we had the idea of producing two pairs of shorts: Sunrise and Sunset.

Sunrise is your morning inspiration. A zesty bright orange, they are designed to impress and put you in the right mood for the day. 

Sunset is the ideal short to see you through the latter part of the day and adheres to formal attire, whether this is joining friends for an early evening drink, taking up an invite to a party on a boat, heading in town for drinks or simply joining colleagues around the pool whilst the sun fades away.

Both shorts are available in limited quantities, so don't hang around!

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