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Ethically manufactured in New York

Do you know where your clothes are manufactured? Does it bother you? It should.

The issue with modern life is people demand cheaper clothes. Worse, designer clothes at rock bottom pricing. To make this happen, clothing designers have to cut corners, look for the cheapest manufacturing option and often this includes hiring a factory in China, Asia or similar to produce your goods. The employees are often paid minuscule amounts to produce your 'designer' kit for your Saturday night on the town.

We don't give it a second thought. As long as we look good!

Isn't it about time we take a more ethical approach to manufacturing, including how we look after the planet and our fellow humans and how they live their lives?

Prince & Bond is a swimwear manufacturer who decided to move production to their hometown of New York. Their shorts are manufactured within the famous Garment District, downtown.

Using quality European-sourced fabric and components, each short is handmade by a factory which believes in paying it's local employees a fair wage for their work. Whilst this might mean production takes a little longer, a short is more expensive to manufacture, the end result is a quality component which will last.

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