About Short Motivation

The seed of the Short Motivation vision was sown as early as 2011, inspired by brands such as Orlebar Brown, whose poppy, brightly-coloured tailored shorts were fresh, innovative and aspirational.

Lying on a sun lounger in Cyprus, something new and unexpected happened. People kept asking where the shorts were from – at the time, they’d seen nothing similar. But, they also added that “they won’t fit me” or “love the colour, but I won’t look good in those shorts”.

This feedback left us thinking that there must be room for an aspirational site to encourage people to get fitter, pick a pair of shorts and plan their next vacation. People were loving the shorts, but the idea that they wouldn’t look good in the shorts was making them uncertain about their physique, their aspiration and belief.

We started working on Short Motivation in Summer 2016. Based on our previous experience creating a website, we wanted to make sure it went live with enough viable content. We could have done more – we will do more – but with over 100 articles at launch, we’ve met our own requirements. So much so we’re now unsure about the choice of site design and already looking at a new theme to meet our expanding future ambition.

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